BC PNP Point Calculator

BC PNP Point Calculator

Most of the BC PNP streams are managed under Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) system.

The BC PNP has updated their BC PNP Scoring system for its skilled Immigration system. B.C. has made a series of changes to the BC Provincial Nominee Program’s (BC PNP) Skills Immigration.

Any Application submitted after November 16th 2022, would be asses under new scoring system.
The BC Provincial Nominee Program offers three ways to become a permanent resident in B.C. Each pathway contains different categories you can apply under, depending on your National Occupational Classification skill level, job, or international student status. You may not require prior work experience in some categories.

Directly Related Work Experience:

Directly Related Work Experience in the Occupation of B.C Job Offer
At Least 1 year of directly related experience in Canada?

Bonus Points

Are you Currently working in B.C. for the employer in occupation identified in the BC PNP registration?

Highest Level of Education:

Highest Level of Education

*Post-graduate, post-degree or post-baccalaureate certificates or diplomas are postgraduate academic qualifications taken after a bachelor's degree.

Is your Highest Level of education completed in Canada?*
Post- Secondary education completed in BC
Do you have Eligible Professional Designation in BC *

Language Points

Language Points (CLB Level)*
Have you completed French Proficiency Test in Past two years?*
Have you scored CLB 4 or Higher in each of the four competencies?*

Annual wage of the B.C. job offer

Hourly Wage for Job offer in BC*

Area of Employment within B.C.

Select Area of Employment*
Did you graduated from Public B.C Post Secondary Institution located outside Area 1 within last 3 years?*
Have you worked 1 year fulltime or equivalent outside of Area 1 within 5 years?*

Total 2022 BC PNP Score